Vulture Gets Head Stuck Up a Pig’s Butt


“Here we got a vulture’s head. Stuck up a dead pig’s ass…” It’s arguably the greatest introduction to any video, ever. The setting? Travis County, Texas. There’s been a whole bunch of feral hogs running about the place, getting on the nerves of ranchers. So they’ve been getting shot and left for dead.

We’re talking FREE BACON here. Which is an irresistible offer for most people. But for vultures? The kings of scavenging? It’s every Christmas ever, all rolled into one. Which is why they’re so enthusiastic. To stick their heads up pig’s butts. And get stuck.

That’s the reality we’re staring at in the face here with this video. An animal. With its head stuck up the a*s of another animal. Hey, it’s not Sir David Attenborough… But it is funny.

Check it out: