Airline Suspend Cross-Dressing Pilot Who Engaged In Weird Acts At 38,000ft


A 51 year-old British pilot has been suspended by the famous UK airline British Airways this week after bizarre photos of him emerged. In them, Berkshire-born Colin Glover can be seen interfering with himself while wearing stockings.

He’s worked for BA for 26 years, but no amount of service history is going to excuse jacking it to a top shelf magazine while dressed like a chick when you’re supposed to be piloting a god damn plane.

Airline expert Chris Yates told a British newspaper this: ‘This is very dangerous if the plane is in mid-flight. If you are flying, you can fly into serious turbulence. You can tell by the lighting that it is a plane and not a simulator.’


A British Airways spokesman told another UK news outlet: ‘We are taking this matter very seriously and are investigating.’


Glover boasts in his social networking profiles that he has flown B737s 747s, B757s, B767s, and B777 aircraft. This appears to be a 777, an aircraft which can hold up to 400 passengers.


Glover’s expected to be lose his job once the investigation is concluded. You’re not really allowed to strip naked, put on women’s lingerie and beat off to girly mags when you’re supposed to be piloting a plane with hundreds of people on board. It’s kinda company policy.