Crazy Kung Fu Master Decides To Take On Multiple Cops At Once


One of our favorite videos ever is the one where a wrestler fights off seven cops with ease. We love that. Well, we’ve finally found something almost as good. Not a wrestler, this guy… But a Kung Fu master. It looks like Finland (check out ‘Poliisi’ on the backs of the cops’ shirts). And the guy sounds South African. And you do NOT mess with dudes from South Africa. Golden rule…

Anywhere, the police suppose they’ve cause to arrest the man. He disagrees. An argument ensues. The cops become tired of him. They go in. He prepares to fight them. They pepper spray him. He grabs a weapon…

It’s just a regular Tuesday night out for us, but y’all might get a kick out of watching this video, it’s a lot of fun.


Dude ain’t playin’.