Bully Picks Fight With The Wrong Kid… Turns Out He Knows MMA!


Bullying. It ain’t big and it ain’t clever. No one likes to see it or hear about it. What people do like seeing and hearing though, is when a bully gets his comeuppance. Bully vengeance. A ‘tough’ guy or kid throws his weight around. Intimidates others. And then finally gets what’s coming to him. Like in this clip.

It’s from an American school somewhere and the clip’s going super viral, having clocked up more than seven million views on Facebook in just a day. A bully picks on a smaller kid. But it soon turns out he’s bitten off more than he can chew… The kids knows MMA

It’s not cool to see kids fighting at any age, especially when they’re as young as this. And the MMA boy? He needs to be careful with skills like that. But, hey – at least he ain’t gonna get picked on anymore, huh?

Here’s what went down: