Best School Ever? Teachers Let Students Get LAP DANCES At Graduation Party!


Munich, Germany. Pupils graduating from theĀ Luitpold-Gymnasium secondary school plan to celebrate their achievement. They decided to do so by booking a woman to come in to lecture about equal rights… Well, that’s what they told the teachers anyway. The woman was really Jarly, a 33 year-old STRIPPER!

But that’s not the craziest thing. What’s most nuts about it all? That the teachers didn’t object! Technically, there were no minors there, so they just let it happen… What a great prank, though. Jarly turned up in a business suit and totally fooled the teaching staff. Then? All of a sudden… BLAM! The clothes were off!

Then it’s into a full-blown strip routine. Ah well, whatever you want to do to celebrate, huh? This is too funny…