‘Conor McGregor’ Intervenes To Break Up Fight Between Kids


Two kids are fighting. In a park somewhere. You can hear them and the gathered crowd of equally small children shouting. They’re Irish. One kid’s clearly winning the scrap. Suddenly, out of nowhere, the world’s most famous MMA fighter comes out of nowhere and splits them up! It’s The Notorious himself, Conor McGregor… Except, apparently, it isn’t. It’s his exact double. In a three piece suit and everything.

The kid doing the pounding takes it too far and that’s when we see the sharp-suited guy jump in while shouting, “Get off, you f****** little bowser. You want me to give you a f****** clatter? You little b******.”

It does look and sound a lot like McGregor, though his camp insists it’s not. He’s busy getting ready for his upcoming UFC fight against Eddie Alvarez.


Check it out: