Couple Exposed Having S*x On Snapchat At Summer Jam Festival


There’s not much you can really get away with doing in public anymore. Someone’s gonna film it. We all have cameras in our pockets nowadays, so think twice before doing anything you wouldn’t like to see plastered all over the internet.

And even with apps like Snapchat – where images are supposed to disappear after a short amount of time, your indiscretion is still probably hitting the net. Just ask this young couple here.

Caught in ‘an embrace’ at the recent Summer Jam Festival in Cologne in Germany, they’re now all over the internet. Let’s just their parents don’t see, huh?

Summer Jam Festival

Alright, alright. Let’s have a bit of a closer look then, shall we? You know, just to make sure:

Summer Jam Festival

And some more:

Summer Jam Festival

Stay classy.