When This Dentist’s Nurse Does THIS To Them – They Totally FREAK OUT


Now, going to the dentist is rarely ever fun. In fact, it’s a bit of a drag. Having to wait around to pay some guy to stab around your mouth with a tool kit of sharp instruments? No thanks. Only if you’re lucky do you escape without having to have your face drilled in some way. It’s little surprise that one in every five people has a phobia of dentists…

That said, there aren’t too many dudes out there that are going to be all that scared of the dentist’s nurse we’ve got for you here. Especially when you see how short her uniform is. The guys in this prank, from Gags Network, still seem pretty nervous, though. Even when she’s bending over and straddling them!

Why? Well, it may have something to do with the dentist’s equipment that she’s waving around in front of their faces menacingly. It’s funny sh*t, check it out: