WATCH: Gay Dudes Touch A Vagina For The First Time; Totally Freak Out


“The hole is right down there as you can see it’s pretty small…” So wrong. So wrong… The video you’re about to watch is, we admit, pretty weird. But also pretty damn funny. Now, to most guys – and all women – vaginas are old friends. We’ve all dealt with them. But think about it. Most gay guys haven’t. 

What must they think about women’s ‘down there’ parts? If they’ve never properly seen that whole area. Someone decided to find out and cooked up this crazy experiment. Well, it’s not really an experiment. They just got a bunch of gay men to touch a vagina for the first time.

And the results are pretty amusing. Some of our favorite comments? “Let’s hope I don’t lose a finger.”, “Am I, like, gonna fall into it?”, “I was actually born via C-section, so I’ve never had any experience with vaginas…” and “It’s like a partially deflated balloon!”