Scumbag Forces Wife To Walk Down NYC Street NAKED As Punishment For Sending Nude Pics


Sickening footage of a man seemingly ‘slut shaming’ his own wife has hit the internet and quickly gone viral. In the short clip, the man forces his spouse to walk down a busy New York City street in just a towel. He then makes her remove it and continue walking NAKED down the street. All as a punishment. He apparently caught her sending nude photographs to seven different men.

The man is heard taunting her poor wife, saying: “Stop and take the towel off. We need to see your shame. A pretty girl like you… with seven men. You will pay the price for this. Now everybody can see, now everybody can see your shame.”

The internet has understandably reacted angrily and some livid viewers have forwarded the video onto the the New York City Police Department, hoping that the abusive husband can be identified and punished. Watch the shocking footage here: