Girl Knocked Out While Trying To Sucker Punch Man


There’s a big Halloween party somewhere in town. It’s late. Everyone’s dressed up and drunk, obviously. After all, who’s out in a city center at 2am dressed like a zombie without a dozen beers in them, huh? Anyways, as these things so often do, a couple of groups have clashed and it’s kicking off. It’s fight time.

As usual, there’s the people trying to start sh*t and the people trying to stop sh*t. and some girls running about the place screaming. But out of nowhere, some (actually pretty hot) girl piles in and tries to sucker punch one of the guys involved.

Almost without thinking – and by instinct – he puts up a hand (it’s barely even a fist) and she runs straight into it. Knocking herself out!


Keep your hands to yourself in future, lady…