Teacher Fired After A Video Of Her Twerking On Spring Break Goes Viral!


Ah, Spring Break. A time for students to let their hair down, have a few drinks and relax a bit. Go a bit crazy. Live a little. But it’s not just students, apparently. Some teachers head away for madcap vacation hi-jinx too. Like the 24 year-old teacher, known only as Miss Clarissa, from Mexico. Only she’s wishing she didn’t now…

She was filmed twerking, the footage went viral and it ended up in her getting FIRED! Miss Clarissa worked at the Cumbre del Noroeste Institute in Ciudad Obregon and her bosses were less than thrilled to see the video of her jiggling her butt around in some dude’s face.

Seems a bit harsh, really. It was outside of work and it’s just dancing. It’s not like she was sleeping with pupils or anything.

Watch the clip that ended her career right here: