Teacher Doesn’t Back Down When Pupil Gets Violent; Full Scale FIGHT Erupts


School. It can be a tough place and time to negotiate. Your hormones are raging, people are telling you what to do all the time… There are so many rules, you have so little control. But you’ve still gotta respect people. Act right.

This kid here, though? He ain’t acting right. After being told by his teacher to put his cellphone away, he says that he “doesn’t listen to whites”. He squares up to his teacher. The older man is big. And isn’t pushed around. He stands up to the kid. The confrontation gets nasty. The kid lashes out. And the teacher has no choice but to put the kid in his place.

It’s a full-scale fight, which looks weird. ‘The older man shouldn’t be doing this’, you might think. But this ‘kid’ can punch. He’s dangerous. He needs teaching a lesson. And watch carefully – the dude isn’t punching, he’s just containing him…


This escalates QUICKLY…