‘Degrading’ University Club Night Hosts Stage Sex Shows And That’s Just The Start!


Explicit flashing, underwear swapping, sex shows on stage, intimate dares… It’s all part of the fun at one British University club night. At least it was before a big expose by The Daily Mail newspaper shut down the controversial night.

The University of Hull’s student union night ‘The Tower’ would arranged for huge prizes like foreign vacations to tempt the 18-21 year-old students to take part in increasingly daring and sexually explicit games for the delight of the baying crown watching.

The nights would regularly see sexual position competitions, prizes for flashing, degrading insults shouted at young women and games to get girls as drunk as possible.

University of Hull

Host DJ Lee Watson was often heard shouting things like, ‘Cheer if you want to f*ck this girl! She’s keen, form a queue… I’m first!’ 

There would be ‘simulated’ sex position and oral sex competitions where, although never officially recognized by organizers, extra prizes would be awarded to the couples that actually performed penetration on stage.

University of Hull

The craziness wouldn’t end as the night drew to a close, though. Fuelled by alcohol, illicit club drugs and adrenaline, many students would take to the car park afterwards to carry on the fun, often being photographed ‘in the act’…

University of Hull

While many students enjoyed the nights, complaints lead to it being shut down.

Katie Russell released a statement saying: ‘It’s absolutely despicable that something like this could happen at a university – when it should be a safe place for all young people.’

‘The photographs also show that the students were encouraged to take part in an event which was exploitative and degrading’.

University of Hull

The University of Hull Union spokesman said: ‘It was brought to our attention that an act booked to appear at Tower on 21st October initiated some games that were not appropriate to have taken place within our venues and not inline with the standards that we expect of external bookings. We are disappointed that this event caused any offence or upset to our members and offer our sincere apologies to anyone that was offended by them.

‘We accept that we got this wrong and would like to reassure all of our members that we have already taken steps to ensure that future bookings plan their acts in accordance with our values and policies. The act that appeared at this Tower will not be re-booked for future performances. No members of staff were suspended as a result of this incident’.

University of Hull

Shame. It looked like fun…