Police Looking For Woman Who ‘Performed Public S*x Act’ On Dinosaur At Theme Park


Exmouth Dino Trail in Devon, England. A dinosaur park, it’s a fun day out for all the family. And we mean ALL the family. Sure, it’s a kids theme park full of model dinosaurs, but there’s stuff to do if you’re an adult. Well, a weird middle-aged woman with a high s*x drive, anyway… F*ck one of the model dinosaurs!

Sergeant Richard Stonecliffe said this of the weird incident: “We have been made aware of two pictures that were posted on social media this week which appear to show a woman exposing herself whilst undertaking a distasteful act in public, and exposing herself in a local public house.”

To be fair to the woman – if that’s possible – the sign on the model says, ‘Please Do No Climb On The Dinosaurs’. It doesn’t say anything about not f*cking them…


Poor dinosaur. As if those things haven’t been through enough what with that whole extinction silliness…


Must be a mega-sore-ass…