Jail For Dad Who ‘Disciplined’ Class-Cutting Son By BOXING Him


A father who BOXED his own son as punishment for the youngster cutting school with girls has been jailed after turning himself in to Prince William County Police in Virginia. The video went viral recently after the man posted it online. the man, Tavis Seller, has been charged with domestic assault and battery

“Granted, I know teachers can be f*cked up so I let him know he can walk out of class, but call me so I’m on your side,” Sellers says. ” All day went by, he didn’t call.”

“I’ve got sons, and I treat them like men. He gonna get this work like a young man, which is twofold, disciple for not following my directions, secondly, teaching him how to defend himself.”

The footage is shocking and while some people have called it discipline and claimed that at least boxing gives the kid a chance to avoid shots and fight back, most right-minded people think the dad was pretty crazy and the police have done the right thing…

Check it out: