Possessed? In a Trance? High?! This Woman Goes Nuts; Tries To Bite Her Own Tongue Off


We’ve got a crazy video for you here which is as frightening as it is confusing. We’ve dug around and done some research, but we can’t quite find out exactly what is happening in this mysterious clip. So we’re just gonna bring it to you and let you make up your own mind what you think it is…

It’s not even clear where the footage is from. It looks like South America somewhere, we’d guess Brazil, maybe? It shows a woman freaking out, convulsing and seemingly trying to chew off her own tongue. We’ve narrowed it down to these explanations:

  • A religious trance
  • Hypnotism
  • Bath salts
  • A REALLY phat beat
  • This b*tch is just crazy

See what you think: