Dude Shot Live On Facebook By Man He Catches Sleeping With His Girl


You watch that show Cheaters? Someone suspects their other half is cheating on them and they call in the crew to stalk them and film them in the act. It’s a cheap way to get a team of private investigators to catch your other half in the act. The price? Just your self respect.

Anyway, the dude in this video didn’t need Cheaters. He did his own detective work. And he caught his girl in the act. Red handed. And to embarrass her he filmed the whole thing on Facebook Live. Only it backfired. BIG TIME.

The motel room he storms has her and some guy in bed. The cheated-on character films the fracas. But the guy in bed has a gun. After daring him to use… Guess what? He does. And it’s all streamed on Facebook

Shot By Cheater

Pure craziness. Here’s what went down…