Cop Takes Down Douchebags In EPIC Spring Break Beach Brawl!


St. Pete Beach, Florida. It’s Spring Break and the sand is full of young people getting drunk, having fun and chilling out. Only some people aren’t that keen on the chilling part and start some sh*t. Before you know it, between ten and fifteen dudes are fighting. It’s a mess.

Two of the guys are being real douchebags and giving people trouble for no reason. The cops are called. Who turns up? The biggest Boss of a cop you’ve ever seen. And it handles the whole thing like Chuck Norris.

Pinellas County Sheriff’s Deputy Sargent Bryan Bingham was nearby working an off-duty detail when he got the call. And how sorts it out? Beyond Thug!

Spring Break Fight

See how the fight went down. All hail the Deputy…