G-Eazy Gets Caught On Snapchat Doing Cocaine Off A Topless Girl


Let’s imagine you’re a big-shot rapper. Worth millions of dollars, you’ve got the world at your feet. You’re surrounded by yes men and an entourage. You can do anything. You’re practically untouchable…

You’re in a club. There’s cocaine about. And girls. One of the girls suggest you party and snort some coke off her cans. She takes off her top. Why do you do? Well, quite. Us too. What else are you going to do…? Go home?!

This was the (very small) dilemma face by G-Eazy recently. And, from the looks of it, he enjoyed his night. But one thing he didn’t account for – some douchebag taking pictures and uploading it to their Snapchat account. And now the images have leaked.


Damn grasses with Snapchat.


‘Yeaaaaaaa g’.


Here it is… Well, why not, huh?