Compton Rapper Makes This Video After Getting Shot With AK-47 (Before Going To Hospital)


If you got shot in the face with a bullet from an AK-47 and miraculously survived, what would you do? Probably get to a hospital, right? It probably wouldn’t occur to you to grab your cellphone and film yourself, blood everywhere and then stick it up on Facebook. But then you’re not Compton rapper Teriq Royal.

Teriq – who goes by the rap name ‘Mr. Royal’ said this of the incident:

“We living in some dark days, we wasn’t even his targets, he was just trigger happy. I was in shock when I filmed this, 3 bullet fragments on my skull, could have pierced my brain. I’m just blessed to see another day and rap about it.”

Here’s a report on what went down:

And here’s the video Tariq made. He filmed it before seeing a doctor, making sure to upload it onto Facebook first. Where it went viral…