Mom Let This Tattooed BEAST Babysit Her Daughter – And He Did Something Unthinkable…


Sharpsburg, Georgia. Lowlife Shalin Ren Payne attacked his stepdaughter, beating and raping her after the girl’s mother knowingly left the convicted sex offender to babysit her. The shocking incident saw the heavily-tattooed Shalin Ren Payne chase her around the house and pounce, despite his partner knowing his history.

The 29 year-old kicked down the bathroom door to reach the girl before pinning her down to the floor, choking her savagely and then raping her, all while her four-year-old brother watched on helplessly.

Shalin Ren Payne

The attack only ceased when the girl’s mother returned home and smashed a glass dish over Payne’s head, leaving him to flee the house, in nothing more than a t-shirt.

Shalin was later arrested by police and charged with rape, sexual battery, aggravated sodomy and aggravated assault.

The poor little girl was taken to two separate hospitals to be treated and is thought to be recovering well. Let’s hope she gets better too and this scumbag gets a huge sentence. And an enormous cellmate who doesn’t use lube…