Dad Takes Revenge On The Lowlife Who Beat His Daughter!


Any man who beats up his wife/partner is a massive a**hole. A man who does so in front of her kids is even lower than that, if that is even possible.

Earlier this month, Courtney Grace, a resident of , FL, had just picked up his girlfriend and two kids from Lake Worth, when he started accusing her of cheating on him. Things escalated quickly, and Grace started beating his girlfriend in full view of the children. Whilst he was still driving he repeatedly punched the woman in the face as the two kids looked on from the back seat. After the vehicle came to a stop, the girlfriend was able to contact her father, , who quickly turned up at the scene.


After locating Grace, Jimmy took a baseball bat from his car and struck the bully over the head so hard that the bat broke in two! Police later arrived to find Jimmy’s daughter

We’re not ones to advocate violence, but this lowlife certainly got what he deserved.