Tech-Loving Pervert Is Using A Drone To Spy On Nudists In The UK


There’s nothing better for some people than the feeling of sand between their toes and wind through their hair. All types of hair. We’re talking about nudists or naturists. People that dig a naked stroll. And why? Well, because a story’s emerged from the south coast of Britain involving a bunch of them and a drone…

Nudists using the Studland nudist beach in Dorset have been complaining of seeing a drone flying on the beach with what looks like a camera mounted on top. Their suspicion being that someone is remotely spying on them and taking pictures and videos of them.


And it’s an allegation being taken seriously by the UK authorities. The National Trust, who runs the beach, have released a statement warning the would-be perpetrator that he (or she… But almost certainly he) is breaking the law.

It’s the first time technology has impacted the nudists as large surrounding sand dunes have prevented cheeky photographers from snapping pictures before now.

Naturist beach

So if you’re planning a naked stroll down a UK beach any time soon – half expect your butt to end up on the internet.