Young Guy Gets Revenge On The Girl That Took 5 Friends And Badly Beat His Sister


The young kid in this video is clearly very angry. He does something we’ve all heard is a definite no-no and beats up a girl. Now, ordinarily, we’d back up that idea and say that’s it’s not cool for a guy to lay a finger on a female. But maybe this dude has a good reason…

The ‘fight‘ is all because the girl and five of her friends jumped the guy’s sister and beat her up. He won’t tolerate that happening to his family so he steps in and does something to even the score a little.

The attack is broken up by some kids in the school corridor who step in to stop it turning from a lesson into total carnage. You can hear one screaming, “Eh, hold on! Eh, hold on! Eh, Bro! Chill! Chill!”


This kid ain’t playing games…