Sexist And Homophobic Street Preacher Gets Nasty Dose Of Karma During Protest


Glendale, Arizona. A ‘street preacher’ that goes by the name of Brother Dean Saxton is recovering from an attack that saw him hit round the head with a baseball bat. But before you start feeling to sorry for the guy, wait until you heard what he was ‘preaching’ about…

In a style not unlike those dumbas*s Westboro Baptist Church types, Saxton waves about signs saying things like ‘you deserve to be raped’ and ‘you deserve gang rape’. He then shouts about the evils of women and homosexuals.

Right before he got smacked, a guy in the vicinity tells Saxton: “Hey, listen. I don’t know if you’re all there or not. But you need take that sh*t somewhere else. These are kids. You don’t do that around kids…”

Hate Preacher Hit“Why don’t you take that round the corner. You sick in the mind or something? You lucky these kids are around, these kids weren’t around I’d knock your a*s out.”

But he didn’t need to bother – 19 year-old Tabitha Brubaker didn’t worry about the kids seeing her as she whacked him across the head for his vile hate speech.

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