Guy Catches Cheating Girlfriend With Fake Snapchat Account


A man caught his girlfriend cheating, after setting up a fake Snapchat account in his friend’s name!

The unnamed man suspected that his girlfriend may have been cheating on him with one of his friends, so he created an account on Snapchat in that friend’s name. He then uploaded a series of photos he had taken from Facebook, just to make it as convincing as possible.

Not long after setting up the account, the guy started exchanging messages with his girlfriend, who obviously thought he was the friend. After chatting for a bit, the woman began to send an array of of racy images to the Snapchat account, thus confirming her boyfriend’s suspicions.


Unaware of who she was really talking to, the woman continued to send the photos, which ranged from topless shots to sultry snaps of her behind. Little did she know that these photos were being received, and saved, by her boyfriend.


After a while, the guy became satisfied that this other half was cheating on him with his friend, so he decided to collate his evidence and confront the pair. But he wasn’t going to do it in private. In his mind, she had made a fool of him publicly, so he was going to do the same to her.


So, our hero uploaded the photos onto Facebook, tagging both his cheating girlfriend, and his disloyal friend. His message was short but brutal:

“Here {named hidden}… These snaps from {name hidden} were meant for you. I finally caught her and had to pretend I was you so here you go man I’m done with her.”


The moral of this story? If you’re gonna send naked pictures over the internet, make sure the person you are sending them to is the person you think you are sending them to. Oh, and don’t cheat. Obviously.