Dude Fined Over $2k After Getting Caught Dressing Up As His Girlfriend To Sit Her Exam


20 year-old Ayan Zhademov from Borat’s home country of Kazakhstan will do anything for his girl. ANYTHING. He’ll even dress up like her in full girl’s school uniform, wig and make-up and sneak into an exam hall to sit her exams for her. Now that’s what we call a dedicated boyfriend/bit of a creepy weirdo type.

But before you laud this guy as a genius who has worked out a loophole in exam rules, wait a second. It’s TOTALLY against the rules. You can’t just send in someone in your clothes to sit your tests for you. Otherwise we’d have had Professor Stephen Hawking in a Thug Bible t-shirt sitting all of our science exams for us.

Exam (2)

Here’s the kicker, though – and you won’t be gobsmacked when you hear this… The dude got caught. Yep. Apparently, a 20 year-old guy with long plastic hair and lipstick on, wearing a frilly grey skirt doesn’t convince many exam invigilators.

And get this – Ayan’s been levied with a HUGE $2,000 fine! And if you think that sounds like a lot, just imagine how big that number sounds when you like in a country like Kazahstan…

Exam (1)

Hell, maybe this dude just likes dressing up in a school uniform… Don’t we all? Huh? What do you mean, ‘no’?!