Iggy Azalea Attacks Papa John’s After Delivery Driver Hands Out Her Number


It seems as if almost anyone can get caught up in a Twitter beef these days. Two unlikely foes have arisen in the shape of pop star Iggy Azalea and pizza delivery giant Papa John’s. Seems that a less-than-discreet delivery driver, on realizing who she was, (deep) dished her cellphone number out to a whole bunch of people without her permission. Nice huh?

It started with this text. And then loads more. So Iggy took to Twitter…


Then Ms. Azalea took it public. Only to receive a hugely flippant reply from The Pizza Papa!

Hang on – is she calling us mentally challenged here?!


The war answer-demanding session went on:


And on:


And on:


Aaaaaaand on:


You could even be forgiven for calling this a bit of a rant.


But one good thing’s come out of this. We’ve learned that DiGiorno Pizza are HEROES.