Kim Kardashian And Kylie Jenner Pose For (More) Racy Selfies


Yeah, alright, fine. It ain’t news. It won’t blow your mind and you won’t learn anything. The Jenners and Kardashians are everywhere, they’re boring, they’re annoying. And they’re attention seekers. But you know what else? DAMMIT – they’re hot.

What are we supposed to do when Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner strip down and take pictures of themselves for the world to ogle? Just pretend we didn’t see? C’mon…

Look. We won’t judge you. Just take a peek at the selfies. It’s fine.


She ain’t shy, is she? Well, we knew that anyway.

kardashian-jenner-selfiesAnd here’s Kim’s sis Kylie Jenner wearing a sports bra that doesn’t seem to be doing its job very well:


Here’s another one from Kylie showing off some new lingerie or other on Instagram


Hey, look. It wasn’t educational. But it was well worth a look, right? We’re not even sorry.