Drugs Squad Burn 3 Ton Mountain Of Weed; Accidentally Get Entire Town High!


Police in West Jakarta in Indonesia have been cracking down on the growing, processing and sale of illegal drugs recently, seizing 3.3 tons of cannabisĀ in the process. And that’s a lot of green. But what do you do with that much weed? Well, we know what we’d do with it, but that’s another matter… Palmerha Police decided the best way to dispose of the stuff would be to burn it. And local residents weren’t complaining, the whole town got high from the fumes!

The bonfire was just outside the Police HQ and created a huge plume of smoke, much more than anticipated, which then blew all across town, effectively hot-boxing the entire area.

Drug Bust

The police made sure that they were protected from the inhalation of smoke from 3 tons of burning weed with gas masks, but they didn’t bother warning the townsfolk, many of whom went on to report feeling dizzy and having headaches. Wow. The police not much caring for the public? Whatever next?!

Drug Bust

It was one Helluva bonfire. On top of the 3 tons of marijuana, officials had tossed 1.8 kilos of methamphetamine (Walter White wouldn’t like hearing that) and 2,538 ecstasy tablets. That’s one big night out right there, folks.

Drug Bust

All up in smoke with no warning. Crazy, right?!