Gas? Don’t Worry – Someone’s Just Invented Underwear That Make Farts Smell Nice!


The fart. It’s a natural bodily function for almost all animals. If you eat, you swallow food. If you swallow food, you swallow a little air. If you swallow a little air, it’s gotta come out somewhere, right? Right. That’s why you burp and fart so much. Well, that and all the beer and burritos.

And for anyone trying to impress a potential partner – or keep an existing one from not leaving you – stinky gas constantly seeping out of you can be bit of obstacle. If only your underwear could transfer the stink into a waft of lovely floweryness. A pleasant aroma…

Well, now they can! They’re called ‘Shreddies’, ‘The flatulence filtering underwear’. And just look how happy they can make you and your other half:


Boxers, panties, pajamas, pants… Shreddies have got you covered, Literally. Check ’em out: